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27x7 FTP Access
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Customer Quotes

I have been a client of Clan Solutions for over 2 years now!!

I want you all to know that this service is and has always been top notch when it comes to customer service.
Its old fashioned... HANDS ON! Clan Solutions prides themselves on customer service and has always been there to help,
maybe a little brow beating but they have been there! j/k TB :clapping:

I now have 2 game servers, Team Speak, and our site through Clan Solutions!
I am very proud to to say TOP NOTCH pings and reliabilty to go along with their devoted customer service! :coolspeak:
I saved time by combining all of my clans services to Clan Solution, the only provider that provides service the way it should be:
FAST, RELIABLE, and ALL ABOUT YOU!!! :clapping:


Hambone - Keep It Simple Stupid
Payment Methods
Ensim Control Panel
Ensim Features

Ensim X is a next generation web hosting control panel system. Ensim X is extremely feature rich as well as an easy to use web based interface (GUI).

Ensim X is designed for the end user and allows you to control everything from adding / removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases.

Demo the new Ensim X control Panel Ensim Demo

  • Backup
  • Restore


Manage email accounts (add, remove, change password)

  • Webmail for all accounts
  • Auto-responders
  • Custom mail filtering
  • Forwarders
  • Mailing lists (mailman)
  • Ability to modify an MX entry
  • Spam filtering (SpamAssassin)
  • Webalizer web stats
  • Webalizer FTP stats
  • Analog stats
  • AWStats
  • View latest visitors
  • View bandwidth usage
  • View error log
  • Download raw log file
  • Manage FTP accounts (add, remove, change password)
  • Anonymous FTP controls
  • Ability to change FTP login message
  • Ability to kill FTP sessions

Site Tools

  • Web Protect (.htaccess editor)
  • Ability to change site and FrontPage password
  • Custom error pages
  • Redirects
  • Ability to edit MIME types
  • Ability to edit Apache handlers
  • Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
  • Search engine submit tool
  • File Manager
  • Ability to add/remove subdomains
  • Subdomain redirects
  • Stats for subdomains
Advanced Tools
  • SSH access
  • Manage GPG keys
  • Cron jobs
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
  • Interchange Cart
  • Agora Cart
  • Bulletin Board
  • Java Chat
  • HTML Chat
  • phpMyChat
  • CGI Wrapper (for non-suexec installs)
  • Random HTML generator
  • Advanced Guestbook
  • Counter Generator
  • Java Clock Generator
  • Java Countdown Generator
  • Secure FormMail clone
  • CGIEmail
  • Entropy Search
  • Entropy Banner
Network Tools
  • DNS Lookup
  • Traceroute
Database Management
  • Manage MySQL databases
  • phpMyAdmin access
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