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I would like to tell you about our experience with Clan Solutions, LLC.

We have had a server with another place for over a year, just like everything else, support was basically not available. Same story everywhere "Start a support ticket"
and wait for them to respond to it.
So we had just about had enough crap, then our server started crashing all the time,2-3 weeks of support tickets no solution.

So when I first saw Clan Solutions, LLC. say they were going to start dealing on the server side of this, I thought maybe we would give them a try.

So this last Saturday we went ahead and pulled the trigger and canceled our old one and signed up with Clan Solutions, LLC.

Well to make a long story short, I did this around 1:00 in the afternoon thinking and telling the rest of the clan, "Give it week or so we should be up and running smooth with Honor and scripts and checks in a week or two".

To my suprise and to their cedit, They had us up and running with Honor,all checks running by Saturday night.

They called me personally at home 3 times on Saturday to make sure all was ok and if we where happy with our decision. Needless to say, we have never received this kind of attention from a service provider.

So bottom line is, 2 days in server runs perfect, plays great and all files or loaded and working perfectly.
We could not be happier with the level of service that we have recieved from Clan Solutions, LLC
From all of us at {VOW} a big HOOAH goes out to the guys at Clan Solutions, LLC.
If anyone has any ?'s feel free to p.m. me.

Bridog - Vampires of War

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Americas Army Honor Servers

Clan Solutions™, LLC. Americas Army Honor Server Hosting

The wait is over..............

Clan Solutions, owned and operated by Tommy Burchfield AKA. Acedeal, AKA. -=DoW=- Acedeal, is proud to release its game servers hosting Americas Army for the public. These servers will both be offered for private and public use. Clan Solutions' servers stability and speed will not be beat and will include:


Check out our Game Control Panel - You'll see what everyone's talking about.

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Username: demouser

Password: demouser

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You wanted it, you got it..!

  • Your server will automatically be setup through a pbsv.cfg upon purchase, with the following
  • pbss settings
  • AON, AONLive, AASA streaming info
  • CVARS & MD5's
  • Futhermore and exclusive to AON and AASA members only, Clan Solutions will have updated on a regular basis, our master banlist, cvars and MD5's !!
  • AON, AASA Member Exclusive!! & Not offered by any other current server provider out there!!
  • Free TeamSpeak Server(upon request at order)

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