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Our Houston, TX Network & Datacenter
  Hoston, Tx. Data Center Overview
Our world-class network leaves nothing to chance.

Clan Solutions uses two of the most extraordinary network operating centers on the planet. These facilities oversee a mind-boggling 1.5% of all U.S. Internet traffic, a privilege and responsibility our providers take very seriously. It stands to reason that we would go to extreme measures to ensure maximum uptime for our clients. This includes, but is by no means limited to, having a team of dedicated technical wizards on duty at all times. And there's more.
  DCC2, 835 Greens Parkway Suite 150, Houston, TX
  • 60,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 35,000 sq. ft. of raised floor
  • (21) 26-ton Data Air AC units
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
  • Pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Over 500 smoke detectors in an integrated system
  • Northern Proximity security badge entry/exit on all doors to facility
  • Multiple TXU electrical grids
  • 4800 amps of 480v input power
  • 3 main transfer switches
  • (6) 500KVA Powerware UPS units with 90 batteries per unit
  • Standalone PDUs at each cabinet row
  • 1-megawatt generator (2000-gallon tank)
  • 1.5-megawatt generator (2200-gallon tank)
  • DataTrax monitoring software for all data center infrastructure

  Network Infrastructure


Here’s that rock-solid infrastructure we’re famous for. Clan Solutions maintains the most sophisticated network operating center in the world that control two data centers, which feature the highest security measures, 24-hour manned monitoring and one other masterful safeguard: redundancy, redundancy, redundancy. Our network connects 30,000 servers to over 25 Gigabits of Internet bandwidth. And it’s growing all the time.

Using a strategic combination of proprietary and commercial systems including FireSlayer™ Anti-DOS protection and TippingPoint intrusion prevention, Clan Solutions keeps you connected and safe from the evils of network attacks and AUP/TOS violations.  

Call us uptime fanatics. It’s true.

Our newest data center uses high-quality Dell hardware, exclusively. And, as you would expect, EV1Servers provides a level of security and stability worthy of one of the busiest data centers in the world. As an extra precaution, a team of technical experts is on hand nonstop, ready to spring into action in the rare event of a service breach. Take a look at what’s at work here.

Redundant power to the network

All 10 backbone routers and top-level network equipment are fed from multiple power feeds, reducing the exposure to power equipment failure.

Redundant fiber connections

Every gigabit Ethernet connection (and DC2 has 13) arrives from two sources and enters the facility at different points.

Spare parts on hand

From cages and racks to network and server parts, we are ready to replace any item in our data center, as a preventive measure, or in the event of a failure.

Examine our specs. Take a virtual tour. Data Center 2 lives up to Clan Solutions expectations - the highest in the industry.

  Building Fiber
  • Our world-class network leaves nothing to chance.
  • Redundant network cores in both data centers
  • Cisco 6500 series aggregation switches for customer access
  • Juniper M20 border routers
  • 100% uptime SLA utilizing HSRP/BGP
  • OC48 SONET Ring - SBC
  • OC48 SONET Ring - Time Warner
  • OC48 SONET Ring - XO Communications
  • OC48 SONET Ring - MCI
  • OC48 SONET Ring - Looking Glass
  • OC48 SONET Ring - Broadwing
  Backbone Carriers
  • 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - AboveNet
  • 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - AT&T
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Broadwing
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Dallas Peering Switch
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Dallas Public Peering
  • 2 Gbps Direct Fiber - Global Crossing
  • 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - Level3
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - nLayer
  • 3 Gbps Direct Fiber - Sprint
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Time Warner
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - UUNET
  • 1 Gbps Direct Fiber - Verio 
  • T3 and T1 Access - EPGN
  • T3 and T1 Access - SBC
  • T3 and T1 Access - Time Warner
  • T3 and T1 Access - XO Communications
  • T3 and T1 Access - MCI

Advanced virus, worm and anti-DoS protection on all network cores

Our goal is to stop attacks before they occur while keeping the safe traffic flowing at top speed.

Fireslayer (™) Anti Denial of Service (DOS) Protection
TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Remote KVM
Remote Serial Console
Remote O/S Install
Network Status User Forum
DC1 Internet Backbone
DC2 Internet Backbone

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