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I have been a client of Clan Solutions for over 2 years now!!

I want you all to know that this service is and has always been top notch when it comes to customer service.
Its old fashioned... HANDS ON! Clan Solutions prides themselves on customer service and has always been there to help,
maybe a little brow beating but they have been there! j/k TB :clapping:

I now have 2 game servers, Team Speak, and our site through Clan Solutions!
I am very proud to to say TOP NOTCH pings and reliabilty to go along with their devoted customer service! :coolspeak:
I saved time by combining all of my clans services to Clan Solution, the only provider that provides service the way it should be:
FAST, RELIABLE, and ALL ABOUT YOU!!! :clapping:


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Payment Methods
Clan Solutions Reseller Hosting
What is a Clan Solutions Reseller?

As a reseller, you sell hosting packages under your own brand name. You set up different packages with any title (such as Lite, Supreme, etc.). You specify the features (space, bandwidth, etc.) of each package and set a price for each one. Then, you sell the packages to your own client base. All that you will pay to us is the monthly fee for your own reseller plan. You will be charging your clients for the packages you resell to them, you may charge any price you want. This allows you to have the look and feel of your own hosting company. Please read the 'Responsibilty' section below to find out more about what it means to be a reseller.

If I have more than one domain to manage, can I sign up for a reseller plan even though I am not actually reselling?
Yes, manage as many domains as you want with any reseller plan. There is no limit to the amount of domains you can manage, you are only limited to your space and bandwidth prerequisites. Any client who has a reseller plan obtains our web hosting manager panel (WHM) which will let you administrate all of your domains. Helpful note: Instead of buying seperate plans for seperate domains, many clients choose to buy a reseller plan.

Is there a fee to add domains to my Clan Solutions Reseller plan?
Absolutely not. There are no extra fees to add domains, as managing multiple domains is a purpose of being a reseller. You can add 1 domain or 99 domains, there are no fees other than the monthly fee for your reseller plan. You are only limited to your resources: space and bandwidth. There is no limitation to the amount of domains you may add unless you create that limitation yourself by using all of your space and bandwidth.

What reseller tools do you have?
Our web hosting manager (WHM) allows you to setup and completely manage your hosting clients. Your clients will also have access to a control panel (Ensim) for managing their web site. Please visit Ensim for live demos.

Can I upgrade my reseller plan at anytime? Are there any fees to upgrade?
You can upgrade free of charge at any time. Send an email to and tell them you want to upgrade, simple as that.


Clan Solutions responsibilities to the reseller:
1. Provide direct technical support only to the reseller.
2. Provide billing arrangements only to the reseller.
3. Provide online documentation to the reseller for the support of their clients.

Reseller responsibilities:
1. Domain name registration or transfers.
2. Provide direct billing to their customers.
3. Provide direct technical support to their customers.
4. Abide by Clan Solutions Hosting policies.

Why should I choose Clan SolutionsTM and Hosting Services?
You have access to the most sophisticated top of the line servers, loads of features AND one important feature we give that no one else does. We host your main website for FREE. We give you true space and bandwidth to resell. Your website doesn't take away from the space we provide you. For example, say you get the Silver plan, your website will not use up part of the 10GB of the reseller plan. Your website alone gets 10GB space aside from the 10GB you can resell. The bandwidth limit on the free, main account (on all reseller plans) is 10GB. No matter what plan you get, your free account will have 10GB of bandwidth. *Space on the main account and reseller account can not be combined and no additional domains can be hosted on the free, main account.

I can't believe Clan Solutions and Hosting Services you'll host my main website for free! How do I get started?
To get started, select the plan you want by clicking the order button. Fill out the order form and on the next page there will be a list of payment options. You can pay monthly or yearly. You will get all of your reseller info emailed to you. You will get login information for your own website's Ensim CP and for your reseller account's Ensim CP.

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