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I am aware that the price offered for AASA members only matches game servers lowest price, but I can also tell you we did not switch because of the price.
Having a server should not be soley based on the cheapest price, but instead should revolve around the stability of server and features given with each server package. Going for the cheapest price sometimes only gives the same in support and overall performance.
I have yet to be/play on a 26 slot server that has not crashed or lagged out its players since starting my AA experience.


Our 26 slot "honor" server was load tested with a full crew. At no time was any one player experiencing lag or any other related connection issues. Our map rotation worked like a charm, who else offers that..? The Control Panel is very easy to use and read, while at the same time is going through daily updates and cosmetic changes.

My whole point behind this post, is soley to inform all that may want to know that price isnt everything. We chose Clan Solutions for its features and "un-matched" support.

Combat Life Savers is very happy with its decision to move hosting companies, and we could not have made a better choice.

Dean Shultz - Combat Life Savers

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